Latest Update:

The Click2CAD direct insert has been updated to work without Java. To direct insert products into CAD software the Click2CAD Toolbox is required. The toolbox can be either installed as a service or run without installation.

Download Click2CAD Toolbox

Installation not necessary.
MS Windows required.

Quick Guide:


  1. Navigate through the product group structure to your desired product.
  2. If you know the item number, you can find it by entering in the search field directly.
  3. Once you have reached the product list, you can open the corresponding CAD model by clicking on the "CAD" symbol or by clicking on the product image.
  4. The CAD preview gives you the option of switching between 2D or 3D views via the corresponding tabs.
  5. You can then select the required CAD format and create the CAD model in the selected format using the "Download" button. The CAD model is generated and saved in the "Downloadcenter".
  6. In the "Downloadcenter" you can download your cached data or send it by e-mail.
  7. Alternatively, you can transfer the CAD model directly to your CAD system with the option "Direct insert". For this you need our Click2CAD Toolbox.
  8. Click2CAD Toolbox can be installed as a service or started without installation.